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Des étoiles (Under Starry Skies)


des etoiles

Samedi 14 fév. /Sat. Feb.14, 2015

6:30 pm

Dyana Gaye, Senegal, 2013, 1h28min, In French, English, and Wolof with English subt.

avec : Ralph Amoussou, Marième Demba Ly, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye

Bande-annonce / official trailer



à / at Goldcorp Center for the Arts, SFU Woodward's, 149 West Hastings


Entre New York, Dakar et Turin, les destins de Sophie, Abdoulaye et Thierno se croisent et s'entremêlent. Des premières désillusions aux rencontres décisives, leur voyage les mènera à faire le choix de la liberté.

In her feature film debut, Franco-Senegalese filmmaker Dyana Gaye charts a transcontinental voyage of accidental encounters and diasporic longing. Set under the skies of three cities — Turin, New York and Dakar — Gaye follows the fates of three characters connected by destiny.

Sophie, a young bride from Senegal, travels to Turin in search of her husband Abdoulaye, who left Dakar without papers to seek work in the Italian city. Abdoulaye has already left Turin for New York, lured by his cousin and promises of a better future. Meanwhile, Sophie’s aunt in New York returns to Dakar to bury the husband she left 20 years before. With a careful eye and quiet intensity, Gaye fills each frame with the anxieties and interior struggles of her uncertain and undocumented travelers.

Under Starry Skies is a beautifully-crafted meditation on place and belonging in an ever-globalizing, yet often unwelcoming, world. “Quietly dramatic ... Gorgeously orchestrated ... The film unravels like a cinematic scroll of the mysterious grand design that draws people together, in empathy and antipathy” (Rasha Salti, Toronto I.F.F.).

des etoiles


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Des étoiles

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